I AM writing to say how disgusted I feel having read the article about Halal meat being sold in sandwiches at a Subway outlet in Bolton.

Your letter writer of June 13 has said it all.

I would just like to add that I think the Halal meat process is shameful, barbaric and unnecessary.

Man's respect for his fellow man is usually reflected in his treatment of animals.

How can any decent minded person think of eating a product that came from an animal that had been strung up to have its throat cut, and its carcass drained of blood while it was still alive?

Supporters say Halal slaughtering is necessary because religion dictates it and that the meat tastes better.

However, to apparently have our traditional pork, bacon and ham sandwiches discontinued in favour of this is incomprehensible.

What next? Halal burgers at McDonald's?

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