THE appreciation of heavily tattooed bodies passed me by — it’s probably generational.

Now, however, it’s possible to appreciate not only the visual art form but also the skill involved in creating these living pictures.

Certainly, pop stars, footballers and other sportsmen tend to be big fans.

Local tattooist Dave Taylor’s work is visible on players like Bolton Wanderers’ star Gretar Steinsson, who has tattoos of his wife and children on his arms.

My husband shocked me on the birth of our first grandchildren, twins Jess and Fin, when he suddenly had their names tattooed at the top of his arm — and then added two-year-old Riley’s when he arrived.

Our daughter, Charlotte, is now expecting another baby and a new name is due to go on my husband’s arm.

He’s just praying they don’t choose Beauregard Nathaniel Dominic but settle on something short like Zack!