TO say I am outraged once again by the actions of the RSPCA is an understatement.

A few years ago I was involved in a dog rescue and I have had quite a lot of run-ins with the charity.

As Mr Symonds quite rightly says in The Bolton News, they are “more interested in money than animals”. I have known this for many years.

Whoever gave the order to kill the “miracle deer” should be sacked.

These people have degraded the name “Royal Society” for years.

If, as they state, they reared the deer knowing they would probably have to kill it, why didn’t they just put the poor thing out of its misery at the beginning? That would have been more humane.

I find it so sad that other organisations would have taken it in and looked after it properly — and it would still be alive.

This makes my blood boil.

I would urge anyone: If you find an animal in distress please don’t call the RSPCA for the sake of the animal.

There are lots of decent organisations that would help and they don’t have the funding the RSPCA does.

Carol Parkinson Old Barn Place Bromley Cross