HOPE the RSPCA doesn’t suffer from the backlash of the young deer incident. The organisation acts as a much-needed buffer against mankind’s cruelty to the animal kingdom.

How many less-appealing creatures are killed with no accompanying protest?

There are other issues of a more sinister threat. One of these is the forthcoming cull of badgers, which farmers link to the spread of TB in their herds of cattle. The argument has raged for years. The Government intends to let farmers kill badgers on their land by shooting them.

Testing of cattle and quarantine have proved effective, while oral vaccines are soon to be produced.

The National Union of Farmers appears to prefer an unscientific wholesale slaughter.

I also hear that the Government is dropping a commitment to stop debeaking of chickens. Piglets have their tails chopped and their teeth clipped.

Tigers and rhinos are slaughtered so that bits of them can be offered as worthless medicines.

Fins are cut from live sea creatures to end up on a restaurant menu.

How many of us eat food produced from a chain of animal misery?

Yes, time to stop clouting the RSPCA and examine real cruelty.

David Sharples Tarbet Drive Breightmet