I regret not being able to see the review of Max Max Restaurant by Steven Thompson on December 9.

However I get the jist of the article from M Houlston’s excellent letter.

Many people, believe that eating fish makes them a vegetarian.

A vegetarian never eats a sentient being. Many celebs claim to be vegetarian for publicity, when in fact they choose which animals to eat and not to eat — which only causes great confusion amongst badly trained chefs and waiters.

For many years I have asked that we have another column on the review. Stars for vegetarian and vegan dishes available...without success.

Good quality vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu would please meat eaters and veggies alike and make eating out a more pleasant experience for all concerned.

Eating less meat occasionally isn’t a great trauma and is beneficial for our environment, health and the NHS — surely Bolton can produce a few dishes?

A Cartmell