RE your March 12 article: “Dog track is under starters orders for a major revamp.”

When the Westhoughton racetrack reopens, certain attendees will have nothing to celebrate. Racing is a losing game for the greyhounds.

Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. The greyhounds live in confinement and, when let out to race, they suffer and die from injuries such as broken limbs, broken necks, paralysis and cardiac arrest. Even the fastest greyhounds are valued only as long as they generate a profit.

Their post-racing fate falls to volunteer groups that work tirelessly, placing as many greyhounds as possible into loving homes. Nevertheless, according to the RSPCA, United Kingdom greyhounds injured or not fast enough disappear at the rate of 20 per day.

I urge readers to keep those factors in mind, especially since planners intend a venue that would not shield children from witnessing greyhound injuries and death.

I have adopted greyhounds since 1997 and am a board member of GREY2K USA, a national nonprofit organisation that works to end the cruelty of dog racing.

For more information, visit Caryn Wood Board of Directors GREY2K USA