AM writing in response to your “Campaigners hope to get dog racing back on track”, April 18, 2011.

Dogs play an important role in our lives and deserve to be protected from industries that cause them harm.

A new stadium would add thousands of greyhounds to the mix, despite the cruelty inherent in dog racing.

It is shocking that such a stadium is being promoted considering the fate suffered by greyhounds when their racing days are over.

The RSPCA reports that injured or slow UK racing greyhounds disappear at the rate of 20 per day, even though devoted volunteer groups work to place for adoption as many greyhounds as possible.

I have personally adopted beloved ex-racing greyhounds since 1997, and I am a board member of GREY2K USA, a national non-profit organisation working to end the cruelty of dog racing.

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Caryn Wood Board of Directors GREY2KUSA