MANY thanks to Angela Kelly for her excellent article on dealing with mental illness (The Bolton News, April 20).

May I, though your columns, give a huge plaudit to MHIST (Mental Health Independent Support Team) based at 30 Chorley New Road, Bolton, who have helped me, personally, and many other people over a number of years with depressive illness.

MHIST is a charitable organisation and does not charge for its services.

Since attending MHIST, I have become a volunteer greeter and group facilitator.

MHIST has an excellent counselling service (accessed via a health professional, eg GP), and a team of advocates who deal with many practical problems for clients, and act as a voice for them in dealing with ‘officialdom’.

Also, there are a number of self-help groups which meet regularly at MHIST (and other local venues), such as the Self Help Depression Group, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Reiki Meditation, Craft Group, and a number of others (including an Abstinence Group from Alcohol and Drugs — ASAM).

Thank you to The Bolton News for enhancing the awareness of mental illness.

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