I AM sure everyone was revolted by recent film showing mistreatment of a circus elephant.

I was, therefore, shocked by news of the Government’s decision not to ban wild animals from performing in circuses.

However “well” a wild animal may be treated, I find it sickening to watch one trained to perform in an unnatural way.

The very nature of a circus will involve housing animals in cramped conditions.

Entertainment by performing wild animals is an old fashioned concept from a time when little was known of the natural world, when such things as cock fighting and bear baiting were legal. Even David Attenborough’s first TV series was Zoo Quest!

We are now aware of the intricate patterns of the natural world and the part even the humble dung beetle plays in the cycle of life on earth.

I have a vague memory as a child of watching a circus parade with elephants linked trunk to tail.

A childhood thrill is now a distasteful image, especially when one imagines the travelling conditions.

The natural world is ever fascinating and not improved by the sight of a macho fellow in a bush hat wrestling snakes and alligators, all part of animals as a circus sideshow. I heard a recent Parliamentary debate in which MPs of all shades argued against the Government’s decision on circus animals.

Fingers crossed, there will be another U-turn.

David Sharples Breightmet