WITH regard to the article “Bolton North East MP David Crausby has written to David Cameron asking him to ban the use of wild animals in circuses”.

It always is true to form that every now and then we get an MP putting on his animal rights hat and crying animal cruelty.

That's very noble I hear the people cry but sadly these people have very limited and selective ideas in regard to what actually is truly seen as unacceptable conduct towards animals.

In 2007 we had the RSPCA’s Animal welfare Act introduced which has been an abysmal failure as animal cruelty continues to increase and there are far too many unworkable grey areas in this ludicrous bill.

Many of us may consider animals in circuses to be unkind to the animals but they are licensed regularly checked by qualified Vets and on public display.

So perhaps as with fox hunting it is just the personal dislike of some that sees selective criticism of animal well being.

But put into context these so called flag waving animal rights disciples have little to no backbone as they simply ignore or even keenly partake in one of the cruelist forms of subjecting animals to unnecessary suffering, both physical and mental!

Ah yes, the ever increasing use of fireworks.

Even the 2007 Animal Welfare Act states categorically that it is an offence to subject any animal to unnecessary suffering, be it physical or mental and it does not take a rocket scientist to determine that fireworks injure and terrify animals.

But the Government turn a blind eye, as does the leading animal rights charity the RSPCA to the horrendous affects of fireworks.

It seems revenue and entertainment on the scale of firework usage are seen as more important than animal welfare. Tens of thousands of animals suffer each year due to fireworks and this puts the very small numbers of animals used in circuses into context.

Animal welfare should not be selective or controlled by personal agendas or whims of celebrities or bunny hugging MPs. Animal welfare is now part of the new 2007 AW Act and should see animal welfare improved and not compromised through greed and ignorance.

Andrew Meads Safewings Wildlife Conservation Northants