I READ with interest the letter from Barry Moss (September 20) regarding the parking of the Bolton CCTV car in contravention of parking restrictions.

Last month I, as I do every day, parked my car in Westhoughton on double yellow lines as I went to get my newspapers. However, this time I forgot to put my handicapped badge on display.

By the time I had walked the 20 yards back to the car I was just in time to personally collect the parking ticket straight from the traffic warden. I had no quibble, I had committed an offence be it one of forgetfulness. However, I was shocked to see the warden walk 10 yards down the hill and get into his own car which was also parked on the same double yellow lines as my own.

That same day I sent off the paper work and a cheque to the Bolton Council parking services, with a letter asking for clarification on who has the legal right to park on double yellow lines besides emergency services and handicapped badge holders.

I also pointed out that my traffic warden could have legally parked his vehicle by going 30 yards down the road and round the corner. I suggested that the officer was guilty of the same parking offence as the one I had committed, and that he was too lazy to obey the law that he was paid to uphold.

The reply I got back was full of legal jargon and virtually saying: “Don’t do as we do, do as we say.”

F Haslam Westhoughton