HAVING just read the letter from Terry Longworth concerning his wife’s care at the home, I feel great sympathy with him as he has been through a terrible time and is obviously still grieving.

I know how that feels as my mother died in that home and I too visited and made regular checks on her comfort and condition.

However, I find it totally unacceptable that a frail, helpless old person “falls off a chair in a shower”.

So the staff were apologetic and concerned, and only “slight bruising” occurred. In my eyes that is not care, it would appear to be negligence and should never happen. We are far too concerned with the feelings of the staff and the relatives and I totally support the findings of the Care Quality Commission which speaks for the vulnerable people who cannot speak for themselves.

That is their job and we all need them. In this “uncaring” society they play a vital role.

More importantly, for those who do not have relatives or friends to visit or care for, there are those who would be grateful for a visit and someone to care for them.

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