MANY groups are considering launching a High Court challenge to the Coalition’s refusal to ban wild animals in British circuses. The Captive Animals Protection Society and the Born Free Foundation have threatened to act after the Government broke yet another promise to abide by the result of a Commons debate in June, when MPs supported a ban.

Animal welfare groups such as the RSPCA and British Veterinary Association, as well as an overwhelming majority of the public and politicians, agree that circuses should not be allowed to keep lions, tigers and zebras in small cages and force them to perform.

MP Mark Pritchard disclosed attempts by Conservative whips to bully and bribe him into withdrawing the motion.

We have excellent wildlife coverage by the media, TV and the cinema.

Children need to see these wild animals in their homeland, not in a cage. The Government did not listen to the public or their own MPs.

What next?

A Cartmell Little Lever