RE New attraction’s 5,000 mile journey to aquarium. Why have we brought a fish 5,000 miles away from its natural environment to Bolton?

All creatures have a right to live a life free from exploitation and cruelty. Animals, including fish, belong in their natural habitat.

Each species has an essential part to play in its local ecosystem. Animals, even fish, can have complex social and emotional lives.

Therefore, to keep a large catfish in an aquarium, miles away from where it belongs, is inhumane and completely unnecessary.

Aquariums, like zoos, are a relic of a bygone age, with animals held in captivity in unnatural conditions.

There is no educational value in seeing animals unable to indulge in their natural behaviours and unable to live in their natural habitat. Aquariums, like zoos, present a distorted and damaging educational message.

I wonder how much this so-called new attraction to the aquarium has cost us to transport all those miles.

D Collins Bolton