MY wife and I recently walked up George’s Lane to the Pigeon Tower.

We were shocked by the litter strewn around.

It looked like a group of very selfish people had held a party there and had left all the empty cans and bottles.

Many people would blame the council or United Utilities for not cleaning it up, but in my opinion, the fault lies totally with the disgusting people who left it. It seems common practice today to use the ground as a litter bin.

I went to Tesco yesterday and saw a chewed chicken bone in a trolley next to a bin. In town, I saw a girl who was drinking a takeaway cup of coffee. When she wanted to go into a shop, she left the cup on a post in the street.

One solution to the problem may be to make any takeaway responsible for cleaning a section of the street near their shop.

Jeff Killan Horwich