A CAR burst into flames as its driver pulled into a petrol station forecourt.

The convertible Renault Megane Cabriolet caught fire at 11.30am today, next to a BP petrol station in Bury New Road, Heap Bridge.

Fire crews from Bury were called to tackle the blaze.

Watch manager Tony Wilson said: “The driver could smell petrol so decided to pull into the petrol station when someone shouted that his car was on fire.

“He jumped out and apparently within seconds it just went up in flames.

“It’s fortunate that it happened before he got closer to the pumps.

"We were trying to keep the public away from the scene but some people were more bothered about recording dramatic footage rather than listening.

"The police were called and were able to help keep the area clear while we put out the fire."

Staff at the filling station isolated the petrol before the road was closed off by police.