THE Bolton News is giving Match of the Day the Big Brother treatment for allegedly failing to give Wanderers as much coverage as other teams.

Whether Bolton get fair treatment on the BBC's Premiership highlights show or not is not known. But it is certainly suspected by Whites fans.

The belief that Wanderers are always relegated to what Bolton fans refer to as "the graveyard shift" on the show is widely held in this town.

It is an urban myth it happens every week, as their second spot on the show against Middlesbrough a couple of weeks ago proves. But they were back as the last game of the nine featured last week when they won away at Watford, when they were also on for the shortest period of time.

Their four minutes 21 seconds was just nine seconds shorter than Manchester City v Reading but much less than the games between Wigan and Portsmouth (5mins 21secs), Blackburn v Sheffield United (5.51), Fulham v Newcastle (5.58), Liverpool v Everton (6.26), Middlesbrough v Arsenal (6.39), Aston Villa v West Ham (6.45) and Charlton v Chelsea (8.34).

Every week on the back page of the Bolton News's Monday Premiership Wanderer, we highlight which spot Bolton are given in the Match of the Day running order and how long they are on for.

When I spoke to the BBC they said they work very hard to make sure every club gets good coverage. I wouldn't deny the coverage is good, but it doesn't appear to be as good as most other clubs.

That might just be the urban myth having brainwashed me. But we will monitor future shows and find out.