REALLY, you couldn’t make it up …. Santa is now the latest victim of the Elf and Safety brigade.

After years of safe sleigh-riding, bureaucracy and today’s over-emphasis on safety means that Brighton Rotary Club’s Father Christmas has been banned from riding in his sleigh during the annual trips to see local children.

Although the event raises thousands of pounds for charities and has run in Brighton for 41 years, insurers have now decided it’s too dangerous.

Santa and his elves must ride in the car pulling the sleigh – a scene on no Christmas card or any other outward example of the festive season.

The only other way is if a seatbelt and roll bar are installed in the sleigh, which would be too expensive for Rotary members.

Like other areas, all common sense has gone out of the window here.

Leave Santa alone – and just rely on magic and tradition.