I feel compelled to write after hearing the sad news that Leon Pownsey is forced to close the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre.

The centre is of great historical interest to the heritage of Lancashire and I feel very strongly it should be preserved in honour of coal mining and the great engineer, himself, Fred Dibnah.

Is the council doing anything at all to save this place? They were so keen to put a ridiculous statue up in the town, a statue which looks nothing like Fred at all!

I was honoured to visit Fred at his home just months before he passed away and he was so proud of his achievement building a mine shaft and connecting railway line.

Surely this feature alone should be saved with the demise of all the coal mines in the UK. Do not our future generations deserve to see an actual working model of a coal mine. It was Fred's hope that school children would visit his home and see for themselves how it all worked.

I know since Mr Pownsey bought Fred's unique home, he has been visited by people from all over the world. Keen to see the house that Fred restored and the place where his great engineering works took place. Yet he does not seem to have had the backing of many? Correct me if I am wrong. I know Mr Pownsey would like to hand the reins over and retire. So come on Bolton and put together some plan to ensure the memory of the great Fred Dibnah lives on in his home and his work shop and his mine.

Hazel Stevens

Croft House


Dumfries and Galloway