BOLTON Council should seriously start considering the amenities or, as I call it, the OK Corral — Overdale Crematorium.

As you approach, the road is full of parked cars and if you are in the official cortege, you then have to jostle on the car park for a space.

Meanwhile, the undertakers are carrying out their duties at the chapel.

It is a mad dash, especially to the West chapel, to get there before the service has started.

If you are elderly or infirm, it is a nightmare.

If you arrive beforehand, there is a small waiting room, certainly not big enough for most people to sit in, thus they stand outside sometimes in inclement weather, and the odd marble seat doesn't enhance itself in cold weather to the posterior.

After a service, you then have to try and walk back to the car park, on narrow paths, trying to avoid any cars leaving.

Signage is abysmal to the place, especially for people who don't live in the area. A last-minute flashing of lights to other drivers on the road is not ideal —a nice archway would at least indicate better where it is.

The town is growing rapidly and with this, you have bereavement.

Let us at least have decent facilities when we have to say goodbye to a loved one.

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