BEING a motorcyclist and car driver, I felt I must put pen to paper regarding cyclist and cycle laws.

I use the roads a lot for long and short distances and many times fear for cyclists not using the cycle lanes provided.

Government spends billions of pounds providing them; most cyclists ignore them.

They prefer to ride two; three and many times four abreast.

Myself and other motorists wave them over, but they just seem to ignore you or make rude gestures.

I have contacted the police a few times. They just said it’s a regular occurrence and the cycling clubs do it in a dart shape formation often down a 60 mph service road.

A couple of years back, myself and a driver in front in our car followed eight or nine cyclists down a service road, they road the centre lane on the dividing line in this dart formation — unfortunately a young lad coming the opposite way, he took out the lot of them.

I was the one walking round the broken bodies, arms legs broke.

I actually thought two were dead.

The broken bikes lay down the central road line, ambulance and air ambulance eventually came it seemed forever.

There were only two witnesses — myself and another elderly chap.

We walked around the broken bodies the car was in the field, and the driver seemed okay, but shocked.

Luckily, no one was killed.

Eventually I finished up in court standing up for the poor motorist, but unfortunately there were too many cyclists waiting to challenge the motorist who I thought was innocent.

I believe it is still going on, but they would not let me challenge them in court and said it would be too intimidating for me.

I wanted so much to tell the story how it was, but had to bite my tongue.

Where did the other people come from? I don’t know as there was just two witnesses.

So I ask why can’t government make it law to have cyclists ride in single file, you never see motor bikers riding side-by-side or cars, only on motorways.

It could only be for their own safety — I know, I was there.

It was horrific and making them ride in single file could only enhance their lives and make it safer for other passing vehicles.

Bill Collison

Bolton Road