HOUNDS Off believes that hunts across Britain are still illegally chasing wild mammals with packs of hounds.

Evidence of this occurs every time a hunt trespasses on land where it is unwelcome.

After all, if they were in pursuit of an artificial trail laid by one of their people over a safe and set course, they should seldom come into conflict with rural workers and residents.

Alas, instances of hunt trespass and havoc are rife.

Hounds Off supports individuals, communities and businesses affected by hunt trespass.

Nobody needs to feel powerless and alone when trying to protect their property, livestock and pets from the arrogant and archaic attitudes of hunters who seldom say sorry and rarely take responsibility for ruining people's lives.

Please visit houndsoff.co.uk or write to us at PO Box 162, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 7AZ for more information.

Joe Hashman


Hounds Off