WILL you please afford me an opportunity to make very strong criticisms of the behaviour of motorists throughout the Bolton area?

I have just returned from my morning walk with my dog and on all the streets, without exception, I find that the pavements are obstructed by vehicles of one sort or another.

I am to become a grandparent for the first time over the festive period and I have been looking forward to taking the baby for walks in a pram.

I am concerned that I will spend much of the time in the carriageway to avoid parked vehicles.

While my problems will be very, very annoying, I cannot but help thinking of other pedestrians who have problems with their sight or wheelchair users. The situation these people find themselves in must be nothing short of horrendous.

There are also the problems faced by the emergency services who must constantly experience problems with inconsiderate parking.

So can I appeal to motorists to do the decent thing and park your vehicles with other people in mind?

Your selfishness will, sooner rather than later, have unfortunate consequences.

Ian Holland