I RECENTLY wrote to The Bolton News on behalf of the Bolton Bus Users Forum regarding my dissatisfaction with First Bus and also its lack of response to the information I requested (Transport for Greater Manchester was just as bad).

If I may now update readers of the letter page, someone from First Manchester Response has just contacted me to thank me for letting them know First Bus had missed my inquiry.

They also said that the information I requested, ie the number of cancellations and the age of the vehicles, is not available to the public.

It would appear that the information is there, it just don't want people to know about it.

More proof if more were needed that public transport is run for profit for private companies rather than for the benefit of the travelling public, First Group has been handed another contract to run Great Western Railways (GWR).

DfT will extend First’s current GWR franchise contract by another year, to April, 2020, and then give a direct award for two more years, with an option to double the tenure.

Tim O’Toole, First’s chief executive, said: “We are pleased that our strong track record at GWR is recognised.”

Meanwhile, First will continue to cancel services, leave passengers waiting (in all weathers) at the bus stop, oh, and forget to reply to emails.

Eric Hyland