I USUALLY agree with Angela Kelly's views in her weekly column, but as I was litter-picking with our Over Hulton volunteers on Wednesday, I pondered on her words of a few weeks ago regarding the Logistics North site nearby.

She said something on the lines of not really understanding anyone who doesn't celebrate, as the giant Amazon moves on to the site, creating at least 1,200 new jobs and that it was a reason to rejoice.

Well, I can see from her comments that Angela lives nowhere near the vicinity of this gigantic site!

We residents are certainly not rejoicing, Angela.

We have to live with the enormous amount of traffic, especially heavy goods vehicles which trundle, vibrate, pollute and congest our area on a daily basis.

There is a bus to the site every 10 minutes but when we did a traffic survey three months ago (from 7am to 3pm) we counted just seven people using the buses. That is seven people in eight hours, not seven per bus!

Imagine if all 1,200 new employees at Amazon opt for their own cars instead of public transport.

The roads are filthy, the gutters next to the roundabouts are littered with nails, stones, bits of metal, etc, and the grass verges and roundabouts are strewn with all sorts of debris.

I know Viridor does a clear-up along with us, but the other businesses should take responsibility also. So welcome to our Utopia, Angela.

We have gone from beautiful farmland with cattle grazing in fields surrounded by ancient hedgerows, country lanes and plenty of wildlife . . . to this.

Dorothy Syddall

Over Hulton