Dear Sir,

It's very easy to criticise politicians and I should know because I am always doing it myself but I think some of the criticisms laid against Cllr Cliff Morris are extremely offensive if not downright rude. Has he made mistakes? Yes, but he has also been good to this town; he has not always achieved what he said he would but he is a politician and that goes with the territory.

I myself have been disappointed on numerous occasions but some things go unreported, some things are just day-to-day management but he has still been very good for the town.

When I was Chair of Governors for a school I had a major issue at the time with the senior management; I did not receive the backing of my fellow governors at the time and it was obvious I was getting nowhere; I therefore felt I had no alternative than to resign.

On my leaving Cliff Morris came to the school and instigated a full investigation. The issues were of an extremely serious nature and to his credit he resolved the issues and new senior management was appointed. I subsequently met Mr Morris at a meeting in which he asked me to return to the school as the school would benefit by my return. We agreed that if I felt I should speak out about an issue I could do so.

What I am saying is Cliff has done a lot of good things that the public are unaware of. You cannot judge Cllr Cliff Morris from what is seen in the press alone; he has done a lot of excellent work for the town.

If these people feel that the town is so badly run and that the Labour Party is so awful then they themselves should stand for the council. It is a bed of nails and a thankless job. We all think we can do it better. I am used to criticising the council but I do think the officials of the council by and large do a good job. Perhaps councillors could be of a better quality but that can only come about if people put themselves forward. Please do not get too carried away and judge Cllr Cliff Morris too harshly on the last few years. I will still criticise where I believe the criticism is right but as I have said you stand if you can do better.

Ian Greenhalgh, Smithills