THE state of the roads matter to the Bolton economy.

I have known this since the first day I campaigned in the Harper Green Ward.

There are many homes where you will find local business vehicles parked outside.

Some are run by just one man or one woman such as carpet fitters, specialist cleaners or mobile hairdressers and they are known in the economy as micro businesses.

On the doorstep, people who work for or run the small businesses have asked about parking, business rates and the state of the roads.

Getting from one customer to the next promptly is important to them as is preventing any cost of vehicle damage they may feel is caused on some roads.

For workers in the private, public or voluntary sector, getting around punctually on the highway for many is a priority.

On top of repair work to roads, there is the call for a few new roads for the borough.

The Government needs to allocate finance for a few new roads for Bolton.

Many would welcome a new road to take congestion off Plodder Lane and Highfield Road in Farnworth.

The council wants as priority a Westhoughton bypass and a new road for Church Wharf.

Transport policy has to be integrated.

More freight, cargo and people need to travel on trains, more people need to travel on buses and we know some Bolton residents like to use Radcliffe or even Bury tram stops, too.

The public transport offer has to be improved.

Cycling and walking are also important for which safety is a stand out issue.

I am listening to ward residents; many of the self-employed residents and those providing mobile services want good-quality roads.

Cllr Sue Haworth

Harper Green Ward