MAY I take this opportunity to make an urgent call to our Prime Minister Theresa May to take the initiative in the present rail dispute.

What we need is a strong intervention to defeat the political left-wing agitators who are attempting to hold the country to ransom under the guise of fighting on behalf of railway workers.

These union leaders are fighting a spurious campaign, not backed by any plausible reasoning, and causing untold misery to countless families across the country.

The people that the campaign is aimed at are the very people who pay the wages of their striking membership, and a very good wage at that.

The losses caused to companies and their employees by the countless strikes over recent years should no longer be tolerated.

We need strong leadership to make it clear to these political activists that their are no circumstances which will occur that will prevent the modernisation of our railways by the removal of unnecessary guards on trains when the technology is in place which makes their function obsolete.

These agitators would still have us in the dark ages of a man walking in front of cars to warn people that a vehicle was coming.

They must be forced to realise that progress will not be stopped and that their inflicting of torment upon the pubic will not be tolerated further.

Let us put an end to this unwarranted action immediately and let common sense prevail.

We will not be held to ransom by wealthy union barons who have no other motive than to put a disastrous Corbyn Government into number 10.

Ian Holland