YOUR feature on Monday introducing Bolton's new police chief does not exactly inspire confidence.

Supt Steve Howard seems to take the Panglossian view that shrinking the force produces "positive challenges" (the villains probably feel pretty positive about it anyway).

But let's give the new chap a fair chance; let's see if he can put away a few burglars, car criminals, and armed robbers.

I wonder how many of your readers would agree with your leader writer when he says that Supt Howard is "right to put positive spin on police role".

Show of hands, then — who wants a copper in charge, and who wants a spin doctor?

Your leader also asserts that, when it comes to crime, "Bolton is no different than any number of towns and cities across the country".

That may be so, but Bolton should be better than that. Over to you, Superintendent Howard.

John Imrie

Arnold Road