ON Page 9 of Friday’s edition of the Bolton News there is an appeal for ways for a particular area of the town to control antisocial behaviour, and on Page 14 we have the perennial topic of fly-tipping.

I have just renewed my driving licence and on the form have been told that I will appear on the list of organ donors, etc, unless I actually opt out of any particular group in the list provided.

I have no problem with this.

Why not adopt this same principle to DNA?

Apparently we don’t have the stomach for a compulsory database.

However, why not let those that don’t mind, volunteer? Also, if any bodily fluid is used for any medical reason, make it understood that the person would go on the DNA register unless they opted out.

DNA has to be one of the most valuable crime-fighting tools ever invented since fingerprinting, yet it is vastly underused because of the limited availability.

With a more comprehensive register, people would be more wary.

Even so much as dropping a fag end or leaving a bottle or can in a gutter could leave you open to being found out. Those not on the register would become increasingly more isolated.

If DNA was found at the scene of a crime, then with all those on the register in the area eliminated, the focus would be narrowed down to those that were not on the register.

Most people would then clean up their act as there would be a much smaller place to hide.

Roy Caswell

Beverley Road