DELEGATES representing thousands of trade unionists in both the public and private sectors across Bolton attended the TUC AGM on Wednesday.

A subject which took up some time was the disastrous consequences of the failure of Carillion.

Every part of the UK is affected — Carillion has taken on £2 billion worth of contracts from government and local authorities, ranging from major building and transport projects ( including HS2, Aberdeen's £750 million bypass, Liverpool Hospital and many more) as well as school meals provision, home management for military families, and services in every part of public life.

Now up to 30,000 small firms are owed money by Carillion.

Thousands of workers face unpaid wages and the dole. The scale of the disaster makes the increased delay on the Bolton-to-Preston rail electrification programme seem a minor irritation for the moment.

Bolton TUC is in complete agreement with the Labour Party’s position on Carillion and outsourcing.

“This is a watershed moment for the country,” Jeremy Corbyn said about Carrillion’s failure, adding that it’s “time to put an end to the rip-off privatisation policies that have fleeced the public of billions of pounds.”

It would be good to hear our Labour council echo the leader’s words and commit to a policy which resists outsourcing vital services, and develops the capacity to bring services back into local authority control where this is clearly in the interests of the many; the days of outsourcing services for the profit of an invisible tax-dodging few are coming to an end.

Tom Hanley

Media correspondent

Bolton TUC