TODAY, a six-week consultation period begins on the redevelopment of Church Wharf in Bolton it last until March 2.

This is part of the proposed £1 billion town centre redevelopment.

The council is looking for the public views on this. As a Green Party candidate, I feel what the people of Bolton need, want, and deserve, is firstly the housing planned needs to include a large section of much needed affordable social housing.

Bolton needs more town centre green spaces to attract families, and tourist back into Bolton.

More support needs to given to existing local business, and assistance needs to be given to attract other new local businesses to set up, in Bolton town centre, we need to see an end to all the boarded up shops, the council needs to bring character back to our once proud, vibrant town and make our town centre once again attractive to locals, and visitors, this can, should and must be done, Bolton Council really need to listen to people.

Alan Johnson

Green Party Candidate

Rumworth Ward