CAN I please comment upon the sentence handed down to Glenn Wall in relation to his killing of Helena Thurm (Bolton News 23/1/18 ).

I wholeheartedly condemn as pathetic the sentence handed down by Judge Patrick Field QC at Manchester Crown Court.

In sentencing Wall to two years in prison the Judge will realise that Wall will be released within 12 months.

How on earth can this represent justice when Wall ,by his selfish actions when driving his car to his home last year, killed an innocent 25-year-old woman.

Had Wall killed by any other means, than by driving a car, he would be facing a life sentence.

I am sad that the trauma Wall has caused to this young lady's family is to continue as they are to appeal against the wholly inadequate sanction imposed.

I wish the family every success in attempting to have the sentence increased to a more realistic level.

It is beyond belief that Judge Field could properly view a sentence of only two years as being proportionate given the actions of Wall and the result that it caused.

What is even more astonishing is that the sentence was handed down after a trial, as Wall refused to accept his guilt — that in itself should be viewed as an aggravating feature entitling the Judge to increase whatever sentence he would have imposed upon a guilty plea being tendered.

Members of the general public want to have faith and respect for the law in this country but cases such as this lead us to have nothing but contempt for the system which leaves Wall to enjoy the rest of his life after only 12 months of being deprived of his liberty whilst condemning the Thurm family to a life sentence of missing their loved one.

In my opinion causing death by a driving offence should ordinarily attract a sentence of 10 years in prison.

I naturally send my deep felt sympathies to the Thurm family and sincerely regret the continuing distress caused by the sentence handed down by Judge Field.

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