THE figures for child poverty in Bolton are truly shocking, and two wards in particular, were more than half of children and young people in Rumworth 50.1 per cent, and Halliwell 52.2 per cent are living in poverty according to figures revealed by the End Child Poverty Coalition.

This is a disgraceful situation in the fifth richest nation, in 2018.

Inequality needs to be tackled as a matter of urgency. Seven years of austerity, incomes falling way behind prices, prices are rising with every week that goes by, due to the falling pound against the Euro, and uncertainty over what kind of Brexit we will be faced, business confidence has plummeted due to the dragging on of negotiations with the E.U, the worrying thing is neither the Tories, or Labour have a clear position on Brexit.

Minimum wage, zero-hour contracts, benefit cuts, have all contributed to poverty.

People need a real living wage, proper employment contracts, and an end to zero hours.

Areas like Rumworth should not have to struggle in this way, the inequality gap should be narrowed, austerity should end now.

Acting Labour leader of Bolton Council Cllr Linda Thomas says that in Bolton we have one of the best anti-poverty offers in Greater Manchester, she also says a lot of good work is going on in our town, to combat poverty, but it does not seem evident the areas of Rumworth, and Halliwell.

Of course, the main factor in child poverty is Tory Government policies, and they need to take action now!

Alan Johnson

Green Party Candidate

Rumworth Ward