ANOTHER day, another Labour Party councillor twisting the reality for political gain.

Cllr Silvester knows full well that the Liberal Democrats are fully focussed on a brownfield-first plan for house building in Bolton.

He knows this because he, and the rest of his Labour Party colleagues, voted against the proposals put forward by the Lib Dems last April that would have protected our green space and instead they backed the GMSF plan that would grant full use of the North Bolton greenbelt for housing.

No. Cllr Silvester’s “outrage” is far more sinister.

To silence a political opponent by hook or by crook.

Everyone who was present at the town council planning meeting knows that Cllr Rock’s comments were used in jest in order to highlight how Bolton Labour policy works. Using Horwich’s green spaces as cash generating projects to reap council taxes that they can plough into projects across the loyal Labour wards.

Horwich clearly needs massive investment in infrastructure in order to accommodate the planned housing schemes already given the go ahead.

Schools, doctors, dentists, roads and indeed recreational spaces!

But is Cllr Silvester campaigning for these things? No. He’s too busy attacking the opposition when they rightfully stand up for Horwich.

Actions speak louder than words and Steven Rock continues to fight for the infrastructure and greenbelt protections Horwich residents need.

It’s unfortunate that Cllr Silvester and his colleagues would rather continue to take Horwich for granted.

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