IF YOU’RE keen to work in financial services, there are dozens of career paths you can follow.

While many want to pursue a certain job because of the financial security it provides, others many be drawn to a position because it offers flexibility or – wait for it – fun.

If you really want to find a role in which you excel, matching your personality traits with the job spec is a great help. Corporate employers have been doing personality tests on job seekers for years. It can be a helpful pointer when deciding where in the company to place a new recruit. Here is our slightly less scientific guide...

Extrovert – Extroverts seek out others to bounce ideas off and thrive in a busy team environment. They are happiest when juggling several tasks at the same time. A bank teller – in constant contact with customers and carrying out a variety of different types of transactions and requests – is a great fit.

Extroverts are also found in sales roles where their charisma helps them to be forward, sociable and persuasive. Sales jobs tend to be results-driven and this can be a real motivator.

Introvert – Introverts particularly enjoy getting absorbed in one task and seeing it through to completion. They have great concentration and because of this can carry out their work thoroughly and meticulously. The role of an auditor requires efficiency and accuracy above all else. The job involves detailed work collating, checking and analysing data and needs a single-minded approach. Does this sound like you?

Emotionally Intelligent – You can still be a people person without being a huge extrovert. Many financial jobs involve spending time with individual clients to discuss and plan their financial needs. Being able to pick up on verbal and non-verbal clues can help establish trust and make sure your deliver exactly what they need. Personal financial advisors will help clients with a whole range of financial products. It is a position of trust because of the amount of personal and financial information shared by clients. They’re also placing their trust in you to come up with savvy advice so great interpersonal skills are essential.

Similarly, insurance brokers need to be observant and good listeners to meet the needs of clients.

Analytical Mind – While most of us can try and improve our general analytical skills, some people are naturally more gifted than Sherlock Holmes.

If you’re able to approach large amounts of data and cut straight to the chase, then a job as a forensic accountant could offer a satisfying career for your natural curiosity and analytical skills. A methodical approach, creative thinking and sound judgement are all required. In fact, it’s elementary!