Are you fully up to speed with your portals? No, it’s not a quiz question for Dr Who buffs. We’re talking about the online world of selling homes.

And it’s a tough question because today there are more players flying into the online property sector than broomsticks in a Quidditch cup final.

Yes, the world of estate agents is changing fast and the upheaval has only just begun.

Hot on the heels of established players, new kids on the block are making inroads into the market.

If this is your field, brace yourself for a bumpy ride – it’s called disruption and it’s caused by the switch from in-paper to online.

Buying and selling now take places 24/365 and this level of change brings with it great opportunities for you to land top jobs in the property business.

Never forget that estate agents earn their commission by talking directly to possible purchasers and so far there’s no email prompt to match the after-viewing callback that can turn a dithering viewer into a definite buyer.

The bottom line is most people only move home a handful of times and it’s such a big purchase they like to be guided through all of the steps by someone familiar with the process. And that property professional could be you.

So how do you succeed in this new world of drone video clips, click-and-collect homes and remote contact with customers?

Well you start by checking out the vacancies, then brushing up your industry knowledge on homes.

The next step is to be sure your people skills are as impressive as your tech abilities because this isn’t an ‘off-the-shelf ’ business.

Even when it’s brand new homes you’re selling, you still have to do the walk-round and talk about finance options and kitchen finishes.

This is a personal business and product awareness and local knowledge are critical factors in sales.

Then there are the white elephants: the homes that can’t find a buyer.

Owners of these quirky properties turn to the specialists with a track record in getting results – pros who appreciate only a handson approach is likely to come up trumps.

So, if you want to get on in property, get yourself tech savvy but never write off your face-to-face sales abilities, communication skills and, of course, dogged persistence.

At the end of the day portals are a valuable tool in a sector that will always be about being personal.