The airline Jet2 are bringing back their Twilight Check-in service to Manchester Airport at the end of March, it has announced.

This free service means that passengers can drop off their luggage at the airport between 3-8pm the evening before their morning flight.

Therefore, when they arrive at departures the next day, their luggage is already sorted and they don't have to worry about the time they might have spent checking it in.

Jet2 say on their website: "If you live near the airport or are staying at a hotel close by, it'll make your morning a little bit easier."

This check-in service will be available for seven days a week from Manchester Airport from Sunday, March 27.

Other airports which will have this service brought back include Leeds-Bradford, London Stansted, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham and East Midlands.

Please remember to check all travel requirements before you go to the airport and take along all documents for your party so you can check-in smoothly.

How to use the Twilight Check-in service?

1. Check-in online at least 24 hours before your flight

2. Take your luggage to the airport between 3-8pm the evening before your flight. Don't forget your passports and boarding passes as part of this

3. When it's your time to fly, skip check-in and go to security

4. Relax and enjoy your flight