Band name:

Nick Bold and The Raging Sea

Members names, ages and where you are all from:

Nick Bold, guitar/vocals/songwriter, from Bolton

Mike Collinge, bass from Bacup

Rick Lacey, drums, from Rawtenstall

When and where did you form?

We started rehearsing September 2014 and decided to record our rehearsals which eventually turned into our debut album. This has been gathering great responses from media and public alike. Real Radio XS in particular has been great to us and got behind the band and featured tracks from the album a few times on their Future Classics nightly showcase.

What is your sound and who are your influences?

I would say we're a classic three-piece blues rock band guitar/bass/drums but with a modern twist. Its not your usual 12 bar yawn yawn stuff. These are songs with great immediately catchy riffs, interesting chord structures and killer hooks that ultimately feature highly melodic guitar playing that is intrinsic to the songs.

What is the biggest gig you have played to date?

Personally speaking it was 20,000 in the US supporting Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page many years back when my then band Virginia Wolf supported his band The Firm.

For this band it was a little more modest and was probably Ramsbottom festival a couple of weeks ago which was terrific and we got a great reception.

If you are not already, is it your ambition to become professional?

We're all professional but it doesn't feel like work.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would love to be recognised as a great live act like someone like Joe Bonamassa. He's made it to arena level playing similar kind of music without a hit single and there's no reason why we couldn't do that.

Is there anything unusual or interesting about the band?

Just that I genuinely believe we stand out from the pack for having a set full of consistently great songs that I KNOW the public would love if we got the exposure — ask the audience at Ramsbottom festival! So many bands these days have just one good track or at best two. Plus our music is accessible to a really broad audience, its not 'thrash you over the head' moronic deafening rock — it's got a lot more to it. It's classy stuff.

Forthcoming gigs?

Friday, October 30 — Hard Rock Cafe Manchester, Real XS Future Classic night

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