FESTWICH organisers have pledged to mark the life of Motorhead singer Lemmy at next year’s event, following his death on Monday.

Jools Taylor said that he plans to re-name the main stage the Lemmy Stage, and have pictures of the iconic frontman and bass player on either side.

Mr Taylor will also be asking bands who play at the weekend summer festival to do cover versions of his music, as a tribute to his music career with bands including the Ace of Spades metallers and Hawkwind.

Lemmy, born Ian Fraser Kilmister, died on Monday aged 70 following a cancer diagnosis on Boxing Day.

Mr Taylor said: “Lemmy was such a legend. Without him there would not be half as many rock bands out there. He’s the godfather of rock and roll and I think to some degree everyone thought he might live forever, so hearing of his death has been really upsetting.

“To celebrate his life, we will be going all out at next year’s Festwich. I plan to rebrand the main stage to the Lemmy stage and ask all the bands to play a song in his memory.”

Festwich 2016 will run on July 30 and 31 at St Mary’s Park, Prestwich.