THE UK's top tribute band dedicated to the music of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra – The ELO Experience – will be at Bolton's Albert Halls tonight and they have got plenty to celebrate.

Formed in Hull over a decade ago, the band have been building up their fan-base with excellent reproductions of the very best of the iconic Birmingham band.

This was recognised last year when they received a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the National UK Tribute Bands Awards.

"That was amazing," said founder member and lead singer Andy Louis. "We have worked hard for years at this, introducing at least one new song per year."

In 2012, the ELO Experience were named Britain's best tribute band and have gone from strength to strength with great musicians and superb backdrops and animations (their Lego version of The Diary Of Horace Wimp - a song that the original ELO never performed live - is very clever).

They even have their own version of ELO's famous 'flying saucer' and a string section.

The band's set contains all the ELO classics including Sweet Talkin' Woman, Wild West Hero, Turn To Stone and the anthemic Mr Blue Sky.

Andy, a lifelong ELO fan, says that it was ELO that got him into wanting to perform the band's music.

"It was the album Discovery (the album that followed 'Out Of The Blue') which inspired me," he said. "Everybody has a favourite album, one that was an integral part of their teenage years, and that was mine. The album is the reason I got into wanting to do ELO music." He says.

The band covers the whole of ELO's career, and also sometimes includes songs by the Travelling Wilburys' song - the band Lynne formed with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison - and they even perform When I Was A Boy from the latest ELO album.

But Andy has always had the ambition to bring the whole of the Out Of The Blue album into a live show.

"Some of the tracks, like the instrumental The Whale may not appeal to the audience, but a couple of years ago we had 11 songs from the album in the set to pay homage to its 40th anniversary," he said.

"Jeff wrote some great slow ballads but we like to go for the more upbeat songs – especially in the second half of the show."

With so many songs to choose from, putting a setlist together can be a tricky business.

"We do what we call an 'umbrella' show and try to do a balance of songs," said Andy. "You can't leave the greatest hits out as most of the audience come for those so we try to include those songs that will appeal to everyone and some that will appeal to the die-hard ELO fans.

"There are always songs I'd love to do, for instance So Fine from the album A New World Record. But it's what to leave out to make way for it that's the problem."

"We played in Bolton in 2011 and 2013, but haven't been since then," says Andy. "We can't wait to go back."

The ELO Experience, Albert Halls, Bolton, Thursday, January 10. Details from 0843 208 0500 or