SOMETIMES called ‘the great lost album’, this album was originally released in 1981 and is mainly a solo album by Trevor Horn.

Although fellow Buggle Geoff Downes features prominently, the band had essentially split; with Horn moving into production and Downes forming Asia.

Coming just after their adventures with Yes, the album contains their own version of ‘I am a Camera’ which had been on the Yes album ‘Drama’ as ‘Into The Lens’; commenting in the sleeve notes, Horn says that he prefers The Buggles’ version.

This must rate as THE ‘Technopop’ album, awash with European influences and experimentation aplenty.

The title track and ‘Beatnik’ are strong openers for the album, and nowhere is Horn’s vocals better than on ‘On TV’ and ‘Lenny’.

The bonus tracks include singles, 12inch remixes plus seven previously unreleased demo recordings, one of which –‘Videotheque’ – became a hit for Dollar.

The bonus tracks were also hand-picked by Trevor Horn and the liner notes contain new interviews and rare photos.

A true glimpse at the history of the band that kicked off MTV.

Salvo. SALVOCD036.