I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
The Lowry, Salford

THIS clever, silly, slightly rude "quiz" show has got to be one of comedy's best kept secrets.

Former Goodies Tim Brooke Taylor and Graeme Garden join veteran gag-meister Barry Cryer and comedian Jeremy Hardy for this live version of the 40-year-old radio programme.

On this latest tour of the UK, chairman Jack Dee is replaced by comedienne Sandy Toksvig.

She does a good job, in true schoolma'am style, of keeping the naughty boys in order, with some brilliantly disparaging comments, and having a woman chairman certainly brings a new and funny dynamic to proceedings.

For those who have yet to be converted, there is little in a review that will persuade you to spare this little gem some of your time.

The best thing is to download some of the shows and discover it for yourself.

For the rest of us, all the familiar elements are present and correct - old, old jokes that can still raise a chuckle (it's all delivery, you know) and a variety of madcap quiz rounds, including singing the words of one song to the tune of another (the best of which was Tim singing The Smiths' Girlfriend in a Coma to the tune of Tiptoe Through the Tulips), a running gag about why "the lovely Samantha" couldn't be present to keep score (invariably involving outrageous double entendres), the legendary Mornington Crescent and plenty of audience participation using kindly provided kazoos.

Inspired lunacy - the show describes itself as the antidote to panel games. It's also just what the doctor ordered on a freezing January night.