A BRAND new comedy inspired by the Marx brothers is heading to the Met next week.

The Doppel Gang, created by Just Some Theatre Company, combines the wild wit of iconic comedy giants — Groucho, Harpo and Chico Marx — with generous helpings of British humour and humility.

The show follows a group of entertainers in England who battle to save a theatre from closure while war rages across Europe — by masquerading as legendary brothers.

As the Blitz tears through London, a hapless theatre manager called Lombard persuades a desperate double act, Tommy and Cyril and not-so-convincing male impersonator Rachel to join him in an audacious stunt — one last roll of the dice to save his building and boost morale.

But the stakes are raised when the audience becomes a reality — and as Tommy is wanted by the British Military Police, appearing on stage is probably not the best idea.

Recent graduates from the University of Central Lancashire fill two roles each — Jake Urry takes the part of Lombard and Chico, Jordan Moore as Cyril and Groucho, Peter Stone as Tommyand Harpo, and Rachel Hartley as Rachel and Colette.

The show, written by Dominic Hedges and directed by Terrance Mann, will take to the stage at the Met on September 10.

Theatre company founder Jake Urry, who plays Lombard, said: "We have been watching countless reels of Marx brothers footage so that we can get the parts as authentic as possible.

"The play is set during the Second World War in the thick of the blitz. Despite that, it is a comedy. It is very Fawlty Towers-esque with its humour — there are lots of disastrous moments while this group of useless people try and put on a big event.

"One character's past catches up with him when he is called up to fight in the war but doesn't go. Then there's another who is totally hopeless and the female character who holds it all together, constantly reminded of their stupidity."

The theatre company was founded in 2012 by Jake and university friend Peter Stone, with the aim to produce professional theatre productions and provide workshops for young performers.

They have since expanded to the team to include Jordan Moore — and three seems to be the magic number as the trio continue to grow their portfolio.

Jake said: "The company was formed after we left Uclan and the director is our university tutor. We started developing the script last year and were lucky enough to get some Arts Council funding to develop the idea further. In today's climate the arts are not as celebrated like they are in other parts of the world, which is a shame."

Director Terrance Mann was the lads' course leader at Uclan.

He said: "I have worked with the lads before and taught them at university. It's a scary world out there and it's very difficult to do well in acting, so I like to give students as much support as I can when they leave.

"When they were students they did a comedy module and did a study of the Marx Brothers and really enjoyed it, so they decided to write a new show, with them as the inspiration.

"When you're taking on the Marx brothers you have to be very careful. They aren't trying to be the Marx brothers, they are playing characters who are trying to sell themselves as them.

"It's a very visual and physical play and you can tell that the lads have worked together for a while, they are a very good ensemble. That's why old variety acts such as Morecombe and Wise were so good — they were together for years and knew each other inside out and you can see it in their performance."

The Doppel Gang is at the Met on Thursday, September 10. To book tickets call 0161 761 2216.