A LOCAL comedian is letting Bolton audiences in on his new material before he takes it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.

John Porter will be hitting the stage at the Railway Venue in Bromley Cross this week, along with support from comics Colin Havey(CORR) and Steph Todd, and MC Neil Shawcross.

The 25-year-old has come through the ranks on the comedy circuit over the last three years and will now headline the Bolton show on Wednesday.

John said: “The show is something I’m planning to take to Edinburgh Fringe next year. I thought I’d try it out at a local audience to see what people made of it. I have two fantastic support acts who will be performing alongside me too, so it should be a really good night.

“This show I’ve written with the idea that I will just talk through some of the strange things that have happened to me. You start out writing jokes but gradually you realise that your own experiences are much funnier.”

John started doing stand-up three years ago before taking it up full time.

He said: “I began doing short five minute competitions such as Beat the Frog at the Frog and Bucket in Preston. That was really good because it’s the best introduction into the circuit. That pressure forces you to make sure that you use your best material.

“From there I’ve worked my way up performing with other comics and now I’m looking at doing some shows of my own.

“I wouldn’t necessary say I was the ‘funny one’ at school. I think it was always there but I didn’t realise it until I had the confidence to get on stage and have a go. “ Preston-born John chose the Railway Venue for a very personal reason.

John said: “I wanted to play one last gig there before it shuts down. I was gutted to hear it was closing – each time I’ve been there it’s been a really good night, so performing there will mean something to me personally.”

The John Porter Comedy Night is on at the Railway Venue on Wednesday, January 6. Free admission.