PADDY McGuinness has been mocked online by a Bolton resident for paying a visit to his local chippy - on a Thursday.

The Bolton-born TV star took to Twitter last night to praise his nearby takeaway for storing a wide selection of soft drinks, which included Irn Bru, Tizer, Vimto and Dandelion and Burdock.

He said: "Great to see this lot at my local chippy. All that’s missing is Cream Soda and a Lilt! #oldskoo."

But followers were quick to spot that Paddy is a day early - with tradition being that Friday is the night for a "chippy tea" in England.

Bolton resident Rory Gordon said: "Chippy tea on a Thursday? Come on Mr McGuinness.

"You know that's out of order and definitely not a Bolton tradition."

While Anthony Vickers added: "Friday is chippy tea night."

Eating fish on Fridays is a tradition followed by a lot of families in Bolton, England and across the UK.

Historically, the idea of swapping meat for fish on Fridays originated from the Christian faith.

As Jesus died on a Friday, the Catholic Church decided that his Crucifixion should be commemorated each Friday.