A GENESIS tribute band which has been given the nod from none other than Phil Collins returns to Bolton next week.

Mama, the UK's 'all era' tribute act, play at the Railway Venue in Bromley Cross on Saturday.

The band, featuring singer John Wilkinson, keyboard player John Comish, guitarist Mark Comish, drummer James Cooper and bassist David Jones, will perform classics and lesser known album tracks from all the band's formations.

Formed four years ago, all members of the band are staunch fans of Genesis and perform pieces from every era — from the early Peter Gabriel Genesis albums, through the Phil Collins era in the '70s and '80s, and right up to the final Genesis studio album, We Can't Dance.

They also throw in some Mike & The Mechanics classics and also some solo tracks by Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

Singer John said: "Playing in a Genesis tribute band is a dream come true for any fan. Their music just speaks to me on so many levels — I love what they do. Genesis were what me and all my mates were listening to growing up. I wasn't a music fan until I heard them.

"People who come to our gigs don't come to see us, they come to hear Genesis. They pay good money and we want it to be as good as we possibly can make it."

John has been a fan of Genesis since 1977 when he first heard A Trick Of The Tail.

He said: "We are all massive fans, of course. I have seen them on every tour since 1981. Our passion for the band is reflected in what we do, which is to try and reproduce the Genesis sound.

"We are a tribute act, but I prefer the term 'copy band' because we are literally playing as they do. Genesis fans will tell you that you have got a chord wrong. I think we are all quite anal so things like that make us a better band."

As well as their own following, members of Genesis have themselves endorsed Mama.

John said: "I know that three members of Genesis know about us, and we've had the blessing from their manager. I met Phil back in 2004 before we formed Mama. He is very supportive of all the tribute band. I've also met Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett. It was a thrill to meet all of them."

The band will return to Bolton later this month for a two-hour show.

John said: "We've been going for about four years and this is the fourth time we've been to Bolton, where we have a strong following. The last show we did there was in front of 200 people. We used to play at Moses gate but sadly that venue is too small for us now. Thankfully, though, the Railway Venue is fantastic and we can't wait to play there."

To book tickets for the gig, which cost £13 advance or £15 on the door, visit railwayvenue.com or call 01204 306450.