WHICH came first – the chick or the egg?

One Bolton bakery has cooked up a tasty way to deal with the question.

Almost every generation have found themselves debating the age old riddle.

In fact, the dilemma reaches as far back as Aristotle (384-322BC), whom believed that ‘both the chicken and the egg have always existed, as everything on Earth first has it’s being in spirit’.

In more recent times, Professor Stephen Hawking argued that it was in fact the egg that came before the Chicken.

However, in July 2010, a group of British scientists used a supercomputer to determine the answer.

The results stated: “The egg cannot be produced without the chicken; therefore the chicken must come before the egg.”

Still confused? So were the staff at Poundbakery, which is why, this Easter, they have included both the chick and the egg on their seasonal gingerbread treats - two for £1.

Marketing manager, Keely Palin, said: “Now customers can make the decision as to which they want to eat first, the chick or the egg – problem solved!”

For the full Easter range, check out Poundbakery’s website: poundbakery.co.uk

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