REMEMBER the scene in The Full Monty where tubby Dave wraps himself in cling film in a bid to lose weight?

A new beauty treatment is now available in Bolton which sees customers wrapped in a cling film-type material for 40 minutes, albeit with better results than would-be stripper Dave’s attempts.

Tibby Olivier’s Shrinking Violet wrap treatment — dubbed the busy girl's summer dress saviour — has been clinically proven to reduce body fat, with 83 per cent experiencing up to a 2.5 per cent reduction or more.

Clients are wrapped in a special heat-inducing film where the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin and work to break down fat cells.

The solution is then active for 72 hours after the treatment, allowing the effects to develop further.
The wrap is available at salons, including Beyond Beauty, Blackburn Road, where Dina Hirani, aged 26, says it is proving popular with ladies heading off on holiday as well brides-to-be and ahead of special occasions.

Dina, who lives in Lostock and has been in the beauty business for more than three years, said: “I’ve got people on a course of six, that’s generally for clients who want to keep the results — not just a one-off treatment.

“I’ve got clientele who want it for that night out or if they are going on holiday or a wedding.

“It carries on working up to 72 hours so we tell the client to check beforehand with one of their tighter clothes.

“Do the treatment, do the measurements and then check it again after 72 hours and you will have lost a further few inches.”

The active solution contains a complex mixture of essential oils that are worked into the body to penetrate the skin and release fat which is then flushed out by the lymphatic system.

Dina said: “I’ve not had any negative feedback which has been really good.

“If anything, it’s been, I’ve tried this on and it fits now. The ladies who have done a course have dropped a dress size and haven’t even finished the course so it’s still ongoing.”

IT is many years since I have tried out a body wrap treatment and that was one which used a bandage material.

So I was surprised to learn that Tibby Olivier’s Shrinking Violet wrap uses material which looks suspiciously like cling film.

After starting my treatment with an exfoliating body brush, Dina explained the old-style bandages tended to soak up the oils meaning less penetrated the skin.

She then took my measurements before smoothing on the nourishing oil and wrapping me up like a chicken drumstick at a buffet.

I then managed to stiffly hoist myself onto the bed where I lay under a blanket for 40 blissful minutes, almost nodding off, while listening to panpipe versions of George Michael’s Careless Whisper and The Fugees’ Ready or Not.

After a while, the solution did start to feel a bit warm and itchy around my hips but Dina said this was normal as it was doing its job.

It was nice to be released from the wrap and then Dina set about re-taking my measurements which revealed I had lost 4.4 inches, including almost an inch from my abdomen and nearly one from each of my legs and bottom.

Dina said these results were good for my frame but the largest loss she has seen was 21 inches on a larger lady.

The wrap usually costs £60, with a current special offer of £45, and clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, before and after.

While no miracle cure, the wrap — when combined with a healthy lifestyle — could help boost and support weight loss or melt a few inches away to get you into that party dress for a special night.