CONTINUING my foray into the outer reaches of TV land, I’ve discovered another little gem for those who appreciate weirdly wonderful viewing.

The channel, Animal Planet; the day, Wednesday; the time, 8pm.

Tanked is an American series – it would have to be – about a firm of fish tank builders in Las Vegas (told you it was weird).

It being Vegas, everything is bigger, and more garish than anywhere else and the fish tanks certainly don’t fall into the understated character.

Partners in the business Brett and Wayde both talk like mobsters and turn people’s fishy dreams into reality. In recent weeks we’ve had a telephone box fish tank, a juke box fish tank and this week it was a tank made out of a beer barrel.

Plus – and this is really where you can tell it’s a US import – we had a lawyer who wanted a shark tank in his reception area “because I’m a shark in the courtroom”!

To be honest, if I was in need of legal representation, someone who came out with things like that would be the last person I’d turn to. The piece de resistance, however, was a church in Dallas which was built around a massive aquarium which took two years to build.

As I said, it’s weirdly fascinating viewing.